General University Shipping Facts:

  • BYU-Hawaii maintains a contract with FedEx Express to provide all of the university's shipping needs.
  • UPS makes a daily stop at BYU-Hawaii.
  • All outgoing shipments are due to the CDC by 10:30am for same day shipping.

Information for Departments:

  • UPS or DHL should only be used if you are shipping to an area not covered by FedEx.
  • CDC bills each department for their shipping use through the university's electronic billing system each month.
  • If the shipment exceeds the size supplied by FedEx, the department must find its own supplies to pack the shipment.
  • CDC prefers that you fill out your own forms but we will accommodate your needs as best we can. Supplies can be obtained by contacting anyone at the CDC. (x53436, x53419, x53420)

Tutorials for Outgoing FedEx Airbills:

Domestic FedEx Airbill (U.S. Only)

International FedEx Airbill (All International Shipments)


Information for Students:

  • The CDC receives all parcels from all carriers except USPS. However to make it more convenient for you, the parcels are taken to the Mail Center and are distributed to you via your USPS mail box.
  • CDC student workers leave to distribute packages campus-wide by 2pm.
  • If you'd like to pick up your package at our warehouse, you are welcome to do so before 2pm or give us a call @ x53429, x53436.


Information for Shipment of Personal Packages:

  • The CDC is a drop-off point for three main carriers: FedEx, UPS, and DHL
  • The CDC is not currently equipped to take money or charge customers for shipments.
  • Your package must have a prepaid label or you may fill out a label at our offices but must provide your credit card number on the shipping label.
  • The CDC does not provide shipment quotes or guarantee any shipment times.

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