University Surplus


General Surplus Information

Surplus Hours:

Tuesday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Surplus Sales Policy:

  • Open ONLY from 12pm - 2pm on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.
  • Items for sale are on a first come, first serve basis. No items will be put on HOLD.
  • The CDC will not deliver / transport items anywhere.
  • Items must be paid for at the BYU-Hawaii Cashier's Office, the same day of sale.
  • The CDC will not release the item if the buyer does not have a receipt from the Cashier.
  • Items MUST be picked up by 4:00pm the same day of sale. If not, they will be resold.
  • The buyer MUST be present when buying and picking up.
  • Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Items are "sold as is".
  • University Departments get first choice on all surplus items.
  • The CDC reserves the right to REFUSE sale of any item to anybody.




Department Information

How to Surplus your Equipment:

All computer items must be surplused through ITS. CDC will surplus all other equipment.

Visit Financial Services for Surplus Procedures.

  1. Fill out a Surplus DUMP/SELL Form
  2. Get approval signature from your director.
  3. Fax/ Email to Kasey Van Tassel at Financial Services
  4. Kasey will fax/ email the Surplus Form to the CDC.
  5. CDC will pick up your items.

General Surplus Procedures

  • All items purchased with university funds need to be surplused through CDC or ITS for computer items.
  • Submit form to CDC for items to be surplused
  • CDC will pick up the items
  • First choice for items will be given to departments in need.
  • If there are no departments in need, the items will be sold.
  • If the item is not purchased within two months, the item will be discarded.