BYU-H Receiving


One of the many functions of the Campus Distribution Center is to receive and double check items and also materials that are ordered by the university. After the items are received, Campus Distribution Center will then deliver the order to the department. Campus Distribution Center also receives parcels from FedEx, UPS, and DHL. These parcels are logged into our tracking system and delivered on the same day that it arrives.

Receiving Policy:

  1. The Vendor and Carrier will be notified of any damages as soon as the order arrives.
  2. For Purchase Orders (P.O.), the items on the packing slip must match the description on PeopleSoft.
  3. Delivery schedule is subject to change depending on the carrier's arrival time at the CDC.
  4. We also try our best to deliver priority second day mail and express mail the same day. If the department secretaries are available at 4:30pm, we will deliver on the same day.
  5. In order for us to deliver any mail the same day it arrives, there must be a sticker on the parcel indicating that the item(s) is priority. eg. perishable, etc...
  6. We do not have the right to open personal parcels. Please indicate if items need to be delivered the same day it arrives.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
Time :   7:00am - 5:00pm
Phone : (808) 675-3429
            (808) 675-3436
Closed : Holiday's

Time Table for Receiving :

  • FedEx drop off at 2:00pm
  • UPS drop off at 1:00pm
  • DHL drop off at 3:00pm
  • Other carriers by appointment


Time Table for Delivering:

  1. Student parcels are delivered by 4:00pm the same day to the mail center.
  2. Department mail is delivered the same day unless the department secretary is unavailable to sign for the parcel.
  3. Priority mails like perishable items, test materials, etc. are delivered immediately. 
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